New Hyde Park Funeral Home

Mike McBride, owner

Project Type

Funeral home acquisition

An Exciting Opportunity

Mike McBride of New Hyde Park, New York, comes from a long line of civil servants. A former police officer, he had the opportunity to retire from the force at an early age and start a second career. It made perfect sense to pursue something he’s always been passionate about: helping and caring for the people in his community.

Mike started his journey in the funeral services industry as a pallbearer, where it quickly became evident that he had a knack for the business. When the opportunity arose to acquire New Hyde Park Funeral Home, Mike knew he had to jump on it. Through extensive research he found Standard Credence Credit Union, who proved to be the right financing partner to provide the funding, help and guidance he needed to become the first business owner in his family. Just one week after initial contact with the bank, Standard Credence representatives flew from North Carolina to New York and visited Mike in person to help him craft an acquisition plan. They identified several challenges and worked closely with Mike to overcome them together.

Challenge #1: Education

Many sellers don’t realize that running their business efficiently right up until the day of selling is important. The more available operating cash flow, the more debt the business will be able to support. “We worked closely with the seller to help educate him on his current business cash flow and what debt amount would position Mike for long-term success…. Education was key,” said Tim Bridgers, who leads the Standard Credence Credit Union funeral home lending team.

This is an image of Mike McBride, a funeral home owner in New Hyde Park, NY.
Challenge #2: Equity

Another common challenge for aspiring business owners is having minimal equity available to contribute towards the purchase price. There are several options for equity depending on whether the individual is an existing business owner or first-time owner. Mike’s funeral home acquisition fell into the second category. As a solution, he had a family member join as a part-owner in the business, and they supplied the required cash to make the transaction happen. Working with Standard Credence’s funeral home lending team, Mike has been able to strategize for long-term success.

A Lasting Partnership

Mike’s relationship with Standard Credence was rooted in trust and communication. “The whole staff that I came into contact with at Standard Credence was tremendously helpful, and so easy to deal with. I knew moving forward that everything would work out. Any issue that came up was going to be addressed thoughtfully and timely,” said Mike.

Creating a Legacy

Mike and his family bring their community together in more ways than one. In addition to giving back to his community through New Hyde Park Funeral Home, Mike has also played an important role in bringing his town together through The Katie McBride Foundation. The foundation plays an important role in honoring the memory of Mike’s daughter, Katie, who passed away in 2008 after a battle with Burkitt lymphoma.

Standard Credence works with devoted funeral home owners like Mike McBride every day to help them meet their business goals and make a true difference in their communities and towns.

Connect with a loan specialist today to have an open discussion about your financing needs and the future of your business. For a comprehensive look at what is involved in the business acquisition process, download our “Guide to Buying a Business.”

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