At Standard Credence Credit Union, we promote education, health, human services and workforce development by aligning corporate funds with employee interests. Standard Credence is focused on investing its human and financial capital in the following ways:

  • Building relationships with community organizations
  • Serving those with the greatest need
  • Focusing on direct service providers
  • Seeking to build relationships with community organizations
  • Striving to be a catalyst for charitable giving and involvement
  • Concentrating efforts in the Cape Fear region

Ready for Impact

Standard Credence was built upon the core principle that good people and innovation can change the world. However, changing the world begins with improving our local communities and the lives of the people in them. Our employees are passionate and driven individuals that are connected to several charitable organizations in the Cape Fear region. We encourage their involvement in these relationships whenever possible.

Our leadership is constantly asking how Standard Credence can best leverage its resources to make a lasting impact on the Wilmington area. Our goal is to be as efficient as possible with our philanthropic endeavors by concentrating them to areas where we know we can make a real difference. Accordingly, we have elected to abide by these financial support guidelines.


  • Your organization must have at least one Standard Credence employee actively volunteering with your organization.
  • The minimum grant amount is $2,000.

Pathways to Support


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